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Waterford Treasures Exhibition

 Located in the Granary on Merchant’s Quay, this exhibition centre presents a chronicle of Irish history via audiovisual presentations for its visitors, who travel three floors using a glass lift. The top floor displays information about the Viking, Anglo Norman and medieval periods, while the second floor spans the time period from the 19th century to the present. Exhibits include intriguing historical items such as a flute that probably belonged to a Viking in around 1150, fashioned from a goose or swan neck bone. Also from the same time period is a surprisingly intricate gold brooch in the shape of a kite.

The Great Charter Roll from 1372 is housed at Waterford Treasures as well. This document is basically a comprehensive list of the charters granted up until that year, written in Latin on vellum, and includes the names of all Waterford City’s lord mayors. Also on display, a mayor’s red velvet hat, a gift courtesy of King Henry VIII from about 1536, some interesting 18th century crystal, and the sword of King Edward IV. The remaining exhibits focus on other famous citizens of Waterford, like Thomas Francis Meagher, who was involved in the Young Ireland Rebellion in 1848.

In an attempt to avoid exile in Australia, he fled to New York, founded the Irish News and was later a hero in the American Civil War. Charles Kean, a famous Shakespearean actor, and William Vincent Wallace, a successful musical composer are represented as well. The museum was given the distinction of Irish Museum of the Year in 1999-2000.


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