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Aran Inspired

DIY Crown Bun Hair Tutorial

DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun #tutorial If you were to ever run into me this autumn, there's a good chance I will be rocking this look. Being a wedding photographer, I'm constantly needing to find a look that is professional meets comfortable, while still being wedding attire appropriate. What I love most about this style is I can rest assure my hair won't be getting in my way or being wind blow into my face without having to sacrifice style.

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Smoky Irish Eggnog

Smokey Irish Eggnog #Christmas #festive #holidays #xmas #recipe #cocktail How about eggnog instead of mulled wine to sip on while trimming the tree this year? Eggnog is a classic holiday tipple that is enjoyed by many in America during the holidays. It is essentially a sweetened dairy-based beverage traditionally made with milk or cream, sugar, and whipped eggs (which gives it a frothy texture). It can be made with or without liquor so it is perfect for both little ones and adults alike.

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Miniature Christmas Mince Tarts

Miniature #Christmas mince tarts #xmas #food #recipes Mince pies are the cornerstone of Irish holiday baking. They are what hot cross buns are to Easter. Quotidian. They are always the first smattering of Christmas spirit to hit the bakeries and markets across this fair country and the last to leave. When you see the mince pies, you know that elaborate Christmas cakes are not far behind.

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3 Ways to Wear a Hooded Sweater

3 Ways to Style a Hooded Sweater: Mix & Match #knitwear #style #fashion The key to a well balanced wardrobe is having a collection of statement pieces in your closet. When I'm out shopping, I always want to make sure that the pieces I'm buying can be mixed and matched in multiple different ways. This not only helps me save space and money on my wardrobe, but also keeps me from having half of my clothes sitting in the back of my closet for months on end.

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Guinness Beef Stew in Bread Bowls

To Americans, beef stew has long been a fall and winter dinner staple. To the Irish, it’s a traditional dish that has been served for hundreds of years. For both parties, it is a food that provides comfort, especially when cooler temperatures arrive.

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Win a Beautiful Aran Funnel Neck Jacket Worth $195

We've decided to reward the visitors to our blog with the chance to win one of our most premium products in our range - our Aran Funnel Neck Jacket worth $194.95!

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Oysters & Stout

Oysters & Stout The best way to enjoy the full flavor of Irish oysters is to eat them raw, served on the half shell to hold their succulent juices. Topped with fresh lemon juice or a drop of Tabasco sauce, and a cold pint of Guinness or any Irish Stout served on the side, oysters make for a wonderful simple supper.

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DIY Cement & Copper Candle Centerpiece

DIY Cement & Copper Candle Centerpiece #diy #copper #home #interiorThere’s nothing like the magic of candlelight for gathering around the table during the holiday season. This DIY candle holder combines the warmth of copper with the cooler industrial edge of cement for a simple-to-create yet striking centerpiece!

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DIY Peppermint Mocha Candle

As the holidays begin to roll around, it's time to start thinking of gift giving! I've come to realize that candles are the universal gift to give. Whether a life long friend, or a new acquaintance., everyone loves and appreciates a wonderful scented candle.

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An Irish Hedgerow Martini

Irish Hedgerow MartiniThe process of making sloe gin in Ireland and the UK has been going strong since the 1800’s and the odd bit of Irish folklore has it that sloes should only be pricked with the thorn from the branch itself and never a metal fork, unless it is silver. A hedgerow martini is basically a combination of fruits and berries picked from the hedge, but the star of the cocktail is sloe gin (or vodka), which is poured in, and then shaken, not stirred.

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