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Men's Full Zip Aran Sweater


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If you’re looking for a warm, versatile, and unique winter weather style option, you can’t go wrong with our mens Aran cardigan. From its classic style, to its soft and inviting feel, you’re sure to turn to this Irish knitwear favourite again and again. It’s suitable for laid back Saturdays at home relaxing, as well as more formal gatherings, or even days spent enjoying the great outdoors. It offers the comfort, warmth, and unbeatable style you need to do take on whatever your day brings.

A favourite through the generations, the Aran cardigan is designed for function as well as fashion. Our mens Aran cardigan is no exception. It boasts a traditional cable knit stitching pattern. Long told to be a symbol of the fishermen’s ropes, the cable stitch is a classic piece of Irish history, and is said to stand for good fortune and prosperity for the wearer. The added lore and legend surrounding the stitching of our timeless cable knit cardigans makes them twice as appealing for those who have a love of Irish history.

Like our other Irish knitwear, the mens Aran cardigan is made from 100% pure wool. This not only ensures superior softness, but you’ll also enjoy unparalleled warmth. That’s because wool is naturally insulating, so your own body heat stays close to you right where you need it. Wool is also moisture, bacteria, and mildew resistant, making it ideal for wet climates, or while enjoying the first snow day of the year. Even better, this material is known for regulating temperature, so even if the weather turns warmer, you maintain comfort.

This mens Aran cardigan also zips up the entire front, allow you to obtain full coverage when it’s needed, or you can keep it open and casual when it’s nice out. Choose from two attractive colours and an array of sizes. You can also pair it easily with our other knitwear, such as our hats, scarves, and mittens.


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