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Men's Celtic Wool Scarf - Natural


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Product Description

Keep warm all winter long with our exceptional Irish scarf. It’s a true testament to the beauty and unique culture of Ireland, with traditional symbolism throughout its design combined with soft wool materials that the area is known for. Even better, it pairs equally well with your weekend wear and your more dressy attire, making for a versatile cold weather accessory that goes anywhere you need it to without missing a beat. 

The most notable design elements of our Irish scarf are the traditional Aran knit and bold shamrock pattern. An intricate cable knit is displayed throughout. Long rumored to be a sign of good luck and prosperity for the wearer, the cable knit resembles a fisherman’s rope and was said to be used as a symbol of hope for a good catch. This is combined with the contrasting shamrock detailing along the base, which offers an eye-catching display against the natural toned wool, all while making for a look that is uniquely Irish.

You’ll also find that, like many of our Irish scarves, this one offers a suitable length of achieving a multitude of ties and wraps. It’s also wide enough to offer ample coverage against the harsh winter winds for your face and neck, making this Irish scarf ideal for outdoor winter sports and activities. 

Made from only the finest 100% merino wool, the scarf is as functional as it is beautiful. With wool’s natural ability to hold in heat, you stay warm and cozy against harsh weather. It’s also naturally moisture and mildew resistant, so it’s an ideal match for rainy areas, or those with lots of snow to worry about. Even better, it’s also able to regulate temperature, which means you stay comfortable even if the temperatures rise, so warmer days don’t have to ruin your Irish themed winter look.

Pair this scarf with our coordinating hat for a unique uniform Irish look, or combine with your own pieces for a one of a kind appeal.

Customer Reviews

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Pure Irish experience

The shamrock design is the most popular symbol for being Irish and this scarf would give you a piece of an authentic Ireland wear.