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Men's Zip Collar Fishermans Sweater - Graphite


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Product Description

Traditional…stylish…and all around comfortable, this Irish fishermen sweater has its roots firmly in Ireland’s rich and inspiring history, while also maintaining a classic appearance that works well with the modern wardrobe. It has a laid back sense of style that makes it perfect as casual or weekend wear, but it’s also wonderfully suited for dressier occasions where looking your best is of the utmost importance. Made from only the finest materials, and expertly crafted in the famous Donegal Yarns Spinning Mills, everything about this striking exudes luxury and fine craftsmanship.

Like one might expect from authentic Irish knitwear, this men’s Irish sweater is knitted from fine Irish wool in Donegal Ireland, in one of the country’s oldest remaining mills. The weave offers a classic touch that is well known throughout the region, and the world, as having mysterious origins. Rumor has it the stitching is a symbol for prosperity and good luck. This offers an added mystique to the design that appeals to the Irish and lovers of history alike. Whether you are from the Emerald Isle itself, or you just love a good story, you’ll appreciate our Irish fishermen sweater as much for its legendary roots as for its striking style.

Since it’s crafted from wool, this sweater is designed to withstand all weather conditions. This is thanks to wool’s natural moisture wicking capabilities and wetness resistance. Legend has it that the sweaters were worn by fishermen to keep dry while at sea, but you’ll appreciate its warmth and weather protection while enjoying the great outdoors, commuting to work, or participating in your favorite winter sports. The wool is also breathable and naturally regulates body temperature, so even if the day turns warm, you’re still ultra-comfy.

This stunning Irish fishermen sweater features a zip collar, so you can keep it open or closed for added protection against the elements when you need it. It also has a flecked colour pattern for an added level of interest and character to the design. Choose from an array of colours and sizes to perfectly customise this sweater to your needs.

Customer Reviews

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superb sweater

beautiful sweater
Hi, very nice sweater that keeps warm under a coat or windbreaker but despite the right size for the bust and shoulders sleeves are a bit short. However, I am happy with this purchase.