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Honeycomb Scarf- Cherry


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Product Description

Sometimes it only takes a single fashion accessory to pull an entire outfit together. This cable knit scarf is that accessory. It features a simple design that works well with virtually any winter ensemble, from the formal and dressy, to the more casual and laid back. This scarf is not only great for its fashionable appearances, however. It also adds a lot of function and warmth to your outfit, allowing you to stay warm no matter what the day brings. Give your sweater or coat a boost to stay warmer while you’re on the go, or wear it around your face and neck for added protection during snow storms. Or, if the weather turns warmer, try an array of different ties and wraps to create an attractive look.

This cable knit scarf features traditional Irish knit patterns. These patterns are rumored to be handed down from generation to generation, and they hold special meaning for the Irish clans who created them. The cable knit pattern was said to have been worn by fishermen off the Aran Islands, and it represents good fortune and luck to the wearer. This knitted scarf features the cable knit mingled with a beautiful diamond knit, which represents wealth and prosperity.

As with most of our sweaters and accessories, the cable knit scarf is woven from 100% pure merino wool. This not only gives it a luxuriously soft feel and elegant sheen, but it also offers unbeatable warmth where you need it. Wool is naturally insulating to hold body heat close to you while keeping the cold air out. It will also stand up against moisture, making it ideal for wet climates, snow days, and rain storms.

The simple design of this scarf allows it to be paired well with any number of our sweaters, mittens, or hats. You can also choose from a stunning selection of colours.

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