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Aran Knit Gloves

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Product Description

During the cold months of winter, you need adequate protection from the elements. That means cozy sweaters, warm hats, and these stylish Aran gloves. They have the laid back but elegant style you love about Aran knitwear, combined with the warmth of real wool. Slip them on and enjoy superior softness and warmth that keeps you toasty and comfy no matter how harsh the weather turns. Head outdoors for a snowball fight with the little ones, or just make it in to the office without freezing your fingers to the bone. These gloves are designed to work as everyday items, as well as dresser gloves for events or occasions. They’re so versatile and convenient to use, you may even want two pairs, so you always have clean gloves at the ready.

These wool gloves also make a brilliant accompaniment for Aran mittens, sweater, and hats. A traditional Aran is displayed front and center, with a beautiful stitch that has long held meaning in Irish culture. It symbolizes prosperity and luck, so you can take the Luck of the Irish with you wherever you go. This unique design works well with our other Irish knitwear, but it also bodes excellently with your existing cold weather wardrobe options.

Our knit gloves are crafted from 100% real wool. This makes them not only ultra-soft and warm, but also moisture resistant. Go out and play in the snow, or brave the rainy winter weather, and enjoy the full protection these gloves have to offer. Wool is also resistant to mildew and mold growth, so you won’t have to worry about soggy winter gloves or odors causing a problem. The natural ability of wool to regulate temperature, and its breathable nature, also means your hands stay comfortable even if the day becomes warmer than you expect.

These beautiful knit gloves are expertly crafted for an authentic Irish design. The natural colour also allows them to work with most any winter apparel. Pair with our Aran knit hats to complete the look.