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Aran Shawl Collar Jacket

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There is a simple beauty about the Shawl Collar Jacket. It’s hard to determine if it because of the classic design or the versatility it carries with it. Either way, you are going to want one. This cable knit sweater jacket is the epitome of the knit sweaters that were created in the Aran Islands to keep the fisherman warm. The expertise that is incorporated in every stitch of this jacket makes it a perfect example of the consistency of Irish craftsmanship. You are not going to come across a dud anywhere as these people take their heritage seriously.

To start with, this stylish Shawl Collar Jacket looks just as beautiful made from Natural Wool as it does in Wine and Marl. Using only the finest sheep’s wool, 100 percent Merino, this comfy jacket is accented by football shaped buttons. The shawl style creates soft folds around the neck and joins in a V-shape where the buttons begin their ascent.

The lovely stitching creates its own pattern and an Aran sweater always has a cable knit look. There are large diamond shaped patterns down the sleeves and then the upper bodice has a crisscross pattern down to the vertical band that creates a waistline. More diamond patterns continue in both quadrants of this jacket on the front and back.

While magical effects are achieved when the yarn is intertwined to create these eternal patterns, it is an ongoing tribute to those who crafted these sweaters hundreds of years ago. The fact that they are still as fashionable today means that when you purchase an Aran sweater you are investing in your wardrobe just as much as shopping for a pretty sweater to wear. You will have the peace of mind knowing that this Shawl Collar Jacket will look just as stylish years from now.


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