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Aran Wool Scarf

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Product Description

No cold weather accessory is quite so versatile as this Aran scarf. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching fashion statement that works equally well with weekend wear as it does with dressier attire, or you need an ultra-soft piece to keep you warm this winter, our Aran scarf is your go-to accessory. Not only does it have a long length that allows for full coverage when you need it, as well as myriad of tying option, but it’s made from only the finest materials to ensure long lasting style and function, even in the harshest of weather conditions.

The knit heralds from traditional Aran culture, giving this scarf an authentic feel that is uniquely Irish, while also being fit to wear with most any ensemble. From timeless classic sweaters and denim, to more trendy items, our Aran scarf pairs well with them all. It features a traditional Aran diamond knit pattern, signifying prosperity and good luck for the wearer, all while creating an intricate and elegant appearance. Each end of the Aran scarf  has fringe detailing for an added dose of traditional style. This is combined with a natural color that bodes well for virtually any outfit color scheme.

Our Aran scarf is made from 100% wool for not only more authentic Irish style, but for optimum warmth on cold winter days. Wool not only buffers the wind and rain, but it also keeps your own body heat close to you where it belongs. It’s also water resistant, so you’re protected even on in rainy weather and snow storms. But, its natural moisture wicking capabilities and temperature regulation properties mean that you stay cool and comfortable if the temperature turns warmer than expected.

Wear our Aran scarf with coordinating Aran sweaters and our other authentically Irish apparel to create a uniform look that is sure to get notice. Or, wear with your existing cold weather attire for a look that is uniquely you.


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