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Celtic Wool Scarf


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Equal parts form and function, our stunning Celtic scarf presents with classic Irish inspired style that works well with both casual and formal attire. Whether you need a fashionable option for an evening out on the town with someone special, or you want to keep warm and cozy when spending a day outdoors, this scarf is designed especially for you.

Each end of this Celtic scarf features a striking Celtic swirl pattern to create visual interest while adding a touch of elegance to the design, all while keeping in touch with the scarves Celtic roots for an all-around authentic Irish appearance. Wrap this scarf around your neck with a traditional sweeping motion to show off both swirls, wear it as a drape or wrap for a more formal look, or tie it tight on frigid winter nights to keep warm and protected against the elements even in the coldest of climates. With this Celtic Scarf, you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth.

Expertly crafted, the Celtic scarf is knitted from real merino wool. Long held as a symbol of elegance and coveted by the elite, merino wool is derived from sheep of the same name and is known the world over for its beauty and warmth. Not only does it shield the body from the cold, but it’s also naturally regulating to keep your body at a constant temperature. Its moisture wicking capabilities also keep you comfy if the air warms up a bit, while its water resistance makes it perfect for getting caught in the rain, sleet, or snow.

This Celtic scarf boasts a wide design that makes it perfect for wearing around the neck and face for weather protection. Its length is also long enough to try various ties to create a new look any day of the week. It also comes in a variety of beautiful colors, so no matter what your personal style or favorite winter outfit, you will find the right color to match.