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Irish Full Length Cable Knit Coat

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One of the first things that you notice about the Irish Long Knitted Cable Coat is the graceful lines is proud to show off. Besides being the one piece of clothing you want to have in your closet to keep even the coldest day at bay, this extra full length cable coat will make everyone who wears it look sleek and stylish.

All of the Aran knit pieces are throwbacks from the 1800s when fishermen who frequented the Aran Islands just wanted to stay warm. Aran sweaters, coats and accessories are still made today with the same 100 percent Merino wool. This wool comes from the softest highest quality sheep in the world. When you take the quality of the wool and combine it with the expert craftsmanship that goes into an Aran sweater, you have a work of art that will last forever.

This Irish Long Knitted Cable Coat has been created using a combination of patterns including small and large diamond stitches as well as a straight line pattern that goes down the front of the coat, creates a waistline around the middle, and graces the flattened shawl collar.  The coat is only available in charcoal as shown and comes in sizes small, medium, large, and XLarge.

Even though this Irish Long Knitted Cable Coat looks as if it just came off the runway, this is a style that has been around a long time and will last virtually forever. It can pair well with so many things in your current wardrobe and will probably still be just as breathtaking years from now. Its ageless beauty is a testament to the history of the Irish craftsmen of the Aran Islands. It is not only beautiful to look but it is an investment in the history of this rich culture.