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Irish Wool Snood Scarf - Brown


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Product Description

Our fashionable snood scarf is the ideal combination of both fashion and warmth, thanks to its uniquely sophisticated design. This one of a kind scarf is sure to draw attention with its large size and original fit combined with its traditional Aran stitch details. You’ll find that it offers full coverage where you need it most, all while adding to your winter wardrobe in a new and unique way. It goes well with casual wear to keep you toasty when out playing with the kids or walking around town, but it also adds a little extra flair to your favourite more formal outfits.

This scarf is made from only the finest materials. Crafted from wool, it is made for warmth and softness from top to bottom. Wool naturally insulates, allowing this scarf to keep your neck and face protected from the elements by keeping your own body heat close to you where it belongs. Wool is also moisture resistant, and it doesn’t promote the growth of mold of mildew, so you can feel confident wearing this stylish scarf while enjoying the first snow day of year, rainy days on the way to work, or even sailing the high seas.

You’ll also love the style of this winter shawl. It has a high design which offers all the coverage you need for the face and neck, while creating a dramatic look. Buttons along the front add visual interest, while the Aran stitches offer authentic Irish style that is sure to catch the eye. These stiches are fisherman stitches, and are said to hold special meaning for the Irish clans who wore them. Each represents prosperity, luck, and the hope of a good catch, adding a deeper and more beautiful element of meaning to every scarf.

Pair the snood scarf with our coordinating hats, mittens, and other knitwear accessories for a fully tailored look.

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