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Men's Chunky Button Top Aran Sweater - Charcoal Grey

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Product Description

Superb softness mingled with the added warmth you need during the long winter months are hallmarks of our chunky Aran sweater.

A sweater designed for both work and adventure

The chunky button aran combines traditional Irish details with a modern update that works well with any winter weather wardrobe. The laid back style is perfect for lazy weekends at home, while the intricate stitching detail make it equally appealing for most any special occasion or event. You’ll also love that this sweater fits loosely enough to allow full freedom of movement, while also fitting closely enough to flatter your body and provide ample warmth.

Where traditional Irish design meets comfort and style

These Irish sweaters feature multiple traditional Aran stitch patterns to capture the eye while providing an elegant touch to each of these Aran sweaters. The cable knit and diamond patterns are said to represent good luck, fortune, and the hope of a prosperous year for the wearer. These meanings have been handed down through the generations, so you get a real piece of Irish history with every sweater. While the chunky Aran sweater has classic elements, it also works well with trendier and current items, making it as versatile as it is comfortable.

Crafted from real merino wool

You’ll also enjoy that this chunky Aran sweater is expertly woven from real merino wool. Merino wool is taken from the merino sheep, and it is held in high regards the world over for its superior softness and warmth. Wool is naturally insulating and moisture resistant, so this sweater keeps your body heat close to your skin while keeping rain, sleet, and snow from penetrating. Even on warmer days you’ll find that this sweater fits comfortably, since wool is also naturally breathable and it regulate temperature with ease.

Select your favorite color - charcoal grey or oatmeal?

Pair this sweater with other knitwear in our collections, such as hats, scarves, and mittens. Choose from two stylish colours, and pick among several sizes to perfectly coordinate the sweater to your body type.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fantastic sweater

Exactly what we wanted. Perfect sweater for son to look great and stay warm in a cold grad school classroom and around campus in Michigan. Fast service and shipping to US. Will buy more from this company.

Time to get myself one.

Got this sweater for my brother's birthday and I was really impressed. The quality is fantastic and he says it's really warm, think I'm going to have to get one similar for myself.

Loved the laid back style!

A laid back style with a professional look, this one is absolutely perfect!

Satisfied customer

Oatmeal of charcoal, both of them looks fantastic. With that said, I bought one for my dad and myself, after my friend has recommended me this brand.