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Men's Shawl Collar Cable Knit Cardigan

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Product Description

This men’s cable knit Sweater is the perfect combination of style, warmth, and durability. It features a unique design along with a warm wool construction that protects you against the harsh weather winter brings. It’s perfect for holiday parties or dinner out with that special someone, but it’s equally fitting for just lounging at home when you don’t feel like braving the outdoors. Whether your personal style is casual, dressier, or somewhere in between, this cable knit sweater for men is what you’re looking for.

As with much of our authentically designed Irish knitwear, this men’s cable knit sweater is constructed of 100% wool. That means you’ll get superior softness that you’ll love wearing for its comfort. You’ll also enjoy wool’s naturally insulating nature, which keeps you warm and toasty all winter long, no matter how frigid it gets outside. Not only that, but wool will also keep you safe from moisture, like rain, sleet, or even ocean water while you sail the open seas. Even better, wool is naturally great at regulating temperature, so even during the unpredictable weather during fall and spring, this sweater is a winning choice for day or night wear.

Along with the warmth and comfort provided by wool, this men’s cable knit sweater offers an authentic Irish design. It boasts cable knit stitch patterns, which are known throughout Ireland as having special meaning. Representing fishermen’s ropes, the cable knit stands for prosperity and luck for the wearer, as they were worn on the seas in the hopes of landing a good catch. This stitch is combined with the diamond pattern, which stands for wealth and good fortune. These intricate weave patterns are combined with a fashionable shawl collar and old fashioned button closure, allowing you to keep your sweater open or closed to customize your protection.

Choose from various colours and sizes to accommodate your needs.


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