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Women's Button Shawl Cardigan - Raspberry


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Product Description

This stunning Irish cardigan combines the very best of traditional Aran design elements with a modern appeal that is fitting for any woman’s cold weather wardrobe. You’ll not only find classic stitching and a construction of real merino wool, but you’ll also love the unique button pattern which takes the appeal of this knit cardigan to a whole new level. The fitted shape contours to your body and creates a slimming effect, while the unique stitching along the buttons adds visual appeal and interest. Like most women's cardigans, these can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and plans. Pair it with denim for a simple and laid-back look, or with trousers for a more chic and classy vibe.

This Irish cardigan is made from 100% pure merino wool. The wool is derived from sheep of the same name, and it is known the world over for its luxurious softness and warmth. You’ll not only look elegant, but you’ll be protected from the elements thanks to wool’s natural ability to insulate the body against the cold and resist moisture. Wool is also able to regulate temperature, and it’s breathable in nature, so you even stay cool on warmer days.

Traditional Aran stitch patterns are the hallmark of this Irish cardigan. You’ll find classic cable knit patterns along the arms. This stitch has long been held as a symbol of prosperity, luck, and fortune for the wearer. When combined with simpler stitch patterns throughout the rest of the cardigan, this knit creates a chic and simple appearance that is elegant enough for formal occasions and holidays but laid back enough for cozy evenings at home. The unique button pattern also adds to the appeal with a modernized look.

Choose from two striking colours to perfectly enhance your wardrobe this season. Or, pair this Irish cardigan with your other favorite knitwear from our collections.

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