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Women's Diamond Crew Neck Sweater

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For fashion that lasts all winter long, and beyond, you need these Irish sweaters for women. Each sweater features a stunning Irish inspired design that features Aran stitch patterns for a truly authentic look. A tight hem and fitted design allows these sweaters to fit comfortably, but never bulky, for a slimming effect. The simple appearance of this wool sweater allows it to work well with more casual ensembles, making it ideal for getting cozy on the sofa or while relaxing on the porch in the crisp air. All the while, intricate stitch patterns also give this women’s jumper an elegant appeal, allowing it work equally well with in more formal settings, like holiday parties or date night with that special someone.

These Irish sweaters for women feature traditional Aran stitches that are sure to capture the eye from all you pass. The diamond pattern creates a stunning look, and it has a deeper meaning representative of wealth, fortune, and good luck. This is combined with a classic cable knit design, which represents prosperity and the hope for a good catch, as it was originally worn by Irish fishermen at sea. These designs have as much deeper meaning as style, making them a superb choice for anyone with an appreciation for Irish history.

Made of wool, these Irish sweaters for women are just as comfortable as they are stylish. The merino wool will keep you warm all winter, thanks to wool’s naturally insulative properties which hold heat close to the body where it belongs. It also keeps the cold out, and it’s water resistant, leaving you warm and cozy even on rainy or snowy days, or even while you’re sailing the seas. These sweaters will also help regulate temperature, so on warmer days during the spring or fall, you still maintain a constant and comfortable body temperature.


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