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Women's V Neck Aran Cardigan - Natural


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Product Description

Our Aran boyfriend cardigan offers a style that is uniquely feminine, and uniquely Irish.

With a rich combination of traditional Aran stitch patterns and a casual boyfriend shape, this cardigan is the perfect accessory that goes from the office to the after school ball game and back again without missing a beat. Made from ultra-soft wool, you’ll also love that this cardigan offers superior protection against the elements, while still being breathable enough to keep you cool and comfy during the milder days of early fall and spring. Pair this fashionable cardigan with your favorite jeans, slacks, leggings, or you can even wear it over a skirt or dress for a unique formal appearance.

Crafted from the finest wool

As with all of our classic Aran knitwear, these cable knit cardigans are made from the finest wool. Not only has wool long been considered a symbol of elegance and luxury the world over, but it’s also practical and warm. Wool is naturally insulating, so your body heat stays close to you right where it belongs, ensuring you stay toasty warm even on the coldest days. It’s also moisture, mold, and mildew resistant, making this wool Aran boyfriend cardigan a fine choice for rainy days about town, or even for having a snowball fight with the little ones. Wool’s versatile nature means you can take this sweater anywhere while still maintaining style, warmth, and unbeatable comfort.

Unmistakably Irish in design

Traditional Aran stitches are prominently displayed throughout, offering you a rare glimpse into Irish history. Each stitch is said to have its own special meaning, and the cable knit design represents fishermen’s ropes, and is said to stand for prosperity, luck, and the blessing of a good catch for the wearer. This classic Aran detailing is combined with a feminine deep V neck. Large buttons adorn the front, allowing you to keep the cardigan closed when you need added protection from the elements, or open when you want to show off your blouse or dress underneath. The buttons also boast a dark brown shade, adding a lovely contrast to the natural shade of the wool.

This Aran boyfriend cardigan features two deep pockets, providing room for your phone and other small items, or to keep your hands warm and cozy on cold days.

Choose from an array of sizes. You can even pair the cardigan with one of our scarves or hats for a fully coordinated Irish look.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Weird looking sweater - it is weird

the sweater is not at all like the website picture and the arms hang on the sweater in a very strange way. I am disappointed.

Nice sweater

The sweater appears well made. I love the pattern. I haven't worn it yet as it is larger than I expected. Hope I will get some use out of it.


Nothing not to love about this sweater. Love the length, color and most important warmth without feeling suffocated.


Women's V Neck Aran Cardigan - Natural

I'm sure my girlfriend would love this!

In preparation for Christmas, I ordered this one for my girlfriend a week ago and I'm writing this now because I'm satisfied with the service. For the general look of the cardigan, it may look ordinary, but it totally isn't. The intricacy is totally apparent, and I'm getting more excited to give this to her while typing this.