Nothing quite like an actual Aran Sweater combines elegance, coziness, and rich Irish heritage. The Aran Islands' women began hand-knitting these clothing items using only pure Irish wool in the 17th century for the local farmers and fisherman, beginning the tradition of the Aran Sweater. Aran sweaters were made of wool, which naturally contains oils that keep them warm and water-resistant even in the face of chilly, wet Atlantic storms.

Ladies Aran Sweaters

Ladies Aran Cable Knit Sweater

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Ladies Aran Sweaters

Ladies Zipper Neck Sweater

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Our contemporary Aran Sweaters are the ideal fusion of Irish tradition and cutting-edge design. They still come in a number of styles, including as buttoned, zippered, shawl collared, and hooded, and are still knit using only the purest sheep's wool for maximum warmth and comfort. Only Aran Sweaters provide you the chance to wear a piece of Irish history thanks to their exquisitely crafted and traditional Gaelic patterns.

The meaning behind each stitch

Every Irish sweater has a tale to tell. The fisherman who historically worn Aran Sweaters had faith in them to shield them from the weather and to bring luck to their relationships, careers, and health.

Our Aran sweaters are all hand loomed with distinctive patterns, each with a special traditional significance. The intricate detail sewn into our sweaters is unmatched, and these patterns each tell a distinct tale.

The following are classic interpretations of Aran stitches:

Basket Stitch – The basket stitch is said to symbolise a fisherman's basket. It's a common pattern that represents good luck in your day's endeavours—especially a day spent at sea.

Blackberry Stitch – The blackberry stitch represents nature's bounty. It's also called the Trinity stitch, and is considered by many to have religious significance.

Cable Stitch – The cable stitch is among the most common found on Aran Sweaters. This pattern evokes a fisherman's rope and was said to represent bountiful rewards and a good day at sea.

Diamond Stitch – The diamond stitch, which evokes both a fisherman's net and the small plots of land tilled by Aran farmers, represents success, wealth, and a wish for good luck.

Honeycomb Stitch – The honeycomb stitch reflect the sweet rewards that follow from hard work.

Moss Stitch – Moss stitching means abundance. When combined with a diamond stitch, this pattern reflects a wish for abundant fortune and success.

Tree of Life Stitch – The tree of life symbolises a wish for a long and fulfilling life. The deeper meaning of this stitch extended to a fisherman's entire clan, wishing good fortune on his children and family as well.

Trellis Stitch – The trellis stitch recalls the stone-walled fields that the Aran Island farmers tilled. This strong weave symbolises protection for the wearer.

Zig Zag Stitch – The zig zag stitch is thought to take after the Aran Islands' winding paths. Symbolically, the zig zag represents the journey of married life.

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